Up Fondation

In 2017, after 18 years of activity under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Up group Foundation has undergone a transformation to become a corporate foundation.
The Foundation has long-term goals...
·       that are focused on fostering social bonds,
·       with an approach based on innovation and co-construction,
·       driven by its values, its cooperative culture
·       by supporting projects over time.
·       and assessing them annually,
·       and bringing together public good stakeholders and the SSE in the different geographies,
·       by involving women and men from Up group everywhere in the world.
Up group has decided to create its corporate foundation, with the ambition to drive the power to take action together, for people of all generations who are isolated or dependent, to provide them with access to essentials in order to thrive.

1. Food, supporting production, sharing and taking action together

2. Housing, supporting accessibility, independence and living together

3. Education and culture, promoting an understanding of the world, free access to culture and making progress together

4. Health, developing the well-being of patients and their relatives and carers and facing challenges together.


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