4 areas of action

Through its business activities, the Group has acquired a thorough knowledge of societal issues in its areas of operation.


This expertise, combined with all the elements that make up its DNA and its principles of action focused on public interest, is the foundation for the Group’s philanthropic ambition and for the work of the Group’s Foundation.


Drive the power to take action together, for people of all generations who are isolated or dependent, to provide them with access to essentials in order to thrive.


Four topics have been chosen to achieve this ambition, with the aim of contributing to collective development by giving every person the power to take action in a way that is freely chosen:




1. Food, supporting production, sharing and taking action together



2. Housing, supporting accessibility, independence and living together



3. Education and culture, promoting an understanding of the world, free access to culture and making progress together



4. Health, developing the well-being of patients and their relatives and carers and facing challenges together.


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